Visual arts acquisitions in Turkey over the last 20 years display a richness and depth exceeding that of all preceding periods. The recent history of collecting in Turkey represents the recent history of the country’s culture. These collections owe their richness primarily to the breadth of their artistic trends and their inclusion of artworks from Turkey and almost everywhere else in the world. They include modern and contemporary art and virtually every type of artistic production.

This year, we are exhibiting the last 2 works that have been acquired by our collectors in recent years. In so doing, we provide insight into the direction of Turkey’s collectors’ interests, dispositions, preferences and pursuits. Crucially, this gives us a sense of our cultural preferences. In consequence, we offer an inventory of these pursuits and tendencies.

Yet, to ensure that these independent works constitute a whole as an exhibition, we have also made a special curatorial effort. We have decided that the exhibition’s internal logic would be things, words, images: it and the other. In the process, we have created a striking and impressive exhibition. What made this exhibition successful depends on the success of the artworks and of the people who acquired them with much grace. Displaying those works to the public fulfills a very important responsibility. We deeply believe all collections are public. We not only believe that all collections are public but also we sincerely believe this exhibition will bring new horizons.