In its 14th year, Contemporary Istanbul (CI) breaks new ground in Turkey with its “Recent Acquisitions I/ Collectors’ Stories exhibition. The exhibition, curated by Prof. Hasan Bülent Kahraman, will take place in a separate exhibition space at CI’19. This presentation of recently acquired artworks, selected by leading collectors in Turkey from their own collections, is a continuation of 2016’s acclaimed “Collectors’ Stories show and an extension of CI’s avid interest in Turkey’s collectors’ circle. It will be not only a unique opportunity to see works of major artists in one place, but also a showcase of the movements and trends Turkey’s art collectors are following today.

The exhibition will provide ready access to Turkey’s contemporary art environment and acquisition market, and will establish a platform for Turkey’s collectors to present their aesthetic understandings. As such, it will prompt discussion of the transformations Turkey’s art collecting has undergone and its current state of play. The exhibition will insight into the direction of Turkey’s collectors’ interests, dispositions, preferences and pursuits. Bringing these latest acquisitions under one umbrella will make this exhibition a source of inspiration for prospective art collectors as well as for visitors. It will open Turkey’s private collections to the public and exhibition goers will find wonderful examples of artworks ranging across all media from paintings to new media art.

The first “Collectors’ Stories” exhibition, took place at the 11th Contemporary Istanbul in 2016, was followed by a Collectors’ Stories book in 2017. Likewise the book of “Recent Acquisitions” will be published following the exhibition. This publication will present a snapshot of Turkey’s contemporary art world, the current interests of Turkey’s contemporary art collectors and the movements and trends they follow. Published for a domestic and international audience, the book will be slated to become a vital reference source.