Nef x Sıtkı Kösemen – ‘Transformations’ Exhibition

Nef x Sıtkı Kösemen – ‘Transformations’ Exhibition

The ‘Transformations’ exhibition consists of Bodrum photographs taken by Sıtkı Kösemen between 1973-1989. The exhibition, which is held with the contributions of Nef, who acts with the perspective of “Art Liberates”, features 21 works of the artist. Bringing the past and the present together, the works reflect a Bodrum diary, which is presented independently of time from the point of view of Sıtkı Kösemen.

The artist described the times that were the subject of the works, “We fell in love with Bodrum when I was a 1st-year student at the Faculty of Architecture at METU. The journeys we made from Ankara by bus would take 12 hours. The place where the most time is spent as a beach is the concrete breakwater or Bardakçı Bay next to Kale. At that time, there was no way to Bardakçı. Small vehicles would take you to Bardakçı. As you know, Zeki Müren, the most popular person of Bardakçı, used to swim in this beautiful bay all the time.” and gives meaning to each frame that will come to life in memories.

Bihter Sabanoğlu, the curator of the exhibition, sums up the reflection of the works that came together: “The photographs are testimony about all the components of the city that was once hard to reach, but harder to leave. Rather than being a beautification to the lost, this is a diary in which memories, different human lives, natural and artificial elements, sun, lime, stone, and wood are stacked.”


About Nef

Nef was established as a Timur Gayrimenkul Yapı ve Geliştirme A.Ş brand to bring a new breath to the real estate sector. Having signed a total of 34 projects including Istanbul and Bodrum projects, Nef was among the first companies in Turkey and the few in the world to develop projects simultaneously in London, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Almaty. Maintaining its leadership with the highest sales turnover and highest sales volume in the sector, Nef has been selected as the most reputable brand for 3 years in a row. With its strong portfolio, Nef partnered with İş REIT, one of the leading companies in the sector, and EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), one of the world’s largest and most reputable institutions. It has also been awarded more than 70 awards in the last 5 years alone.

Nef Reserve projects are implemented in line with the strategy of creating projects that are compatible with nature and the city, adding value to life and architecture. With its ongoing projects in Kandilli, Yalıkavak, Hebil, and Gölköy, it creates modern and characteristic designs that reflect traditional architecture brought to life with contemporary solutions and realized at the highest level.

Nef Reserve Gölköy, which creates living spaces in harmony with nature to experience Bodrum and its nature in the best way; was designed with the approach of fewer floors, low density, small size order. Nef Reserve Gölköy, designed with a study that took the trees in the region under protection using the transplant method, meets the contemporary architecture of Emre Arolat while preserving the natural structure.