Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) x Hepsiburada – ‘Akrasia’ Exhibition

Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) x Hepsiburada – ‘Akrasia’ Exhibition

Akrasia is when you postpone what you know to be the right thing to do. In a context in which awareness towards the intensity of the ecological imbalance, the struggle against social injustice, unplanned urban sprawl, epidemic diseases and sustainability is blatantly lacking, the selection of Works in this exhibition engages the contemplative function of art to focus on the attitude of individuals vis a vis the phenomenon of Akrasia. Coming together in the spirit of social responsibility, the artists deploy the sensual and lexical facets of art that are instrumental in times of great challenges, in order to engage the viewers to react to these compelling issues. The intense ecstasy that is felt towards thought, dreams and imagery gushes out of their confines to reach out to the viewer. While the selection strives to set a distance towards Akrasia, the hedonistic-conformist thought processes, it also engages in a discourse that attempts to compel individuals to come to term with the responsibility of what everyone can do to contribute to social transformations that are needed.

As part of a social responsibility project undertaken by the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) in cooperation with Hepsiburada, the works of 15 female artists were exhibited between October 5 – 10 at Tersane Istanbul as a part of 16th Contemporary Istanbul, and the proceeds from the exhibition were donated to the Tohum Autism Foundation. The conceptual framework of the exhibition was shaped by akrasia (postponement), hedonist-conformist behavior patterns and indifference to the ecological crisis.

Devran Mursaloglu - Isimsiz

Artists With Their Works In The Exhibition:

Azade Köker, Begüm Yamanlar, Belkıs Balpınar, Devran Mursaloğlu, Ebru Döşekçi, Ebru Uygun, Efsun Erkılıç, Günnur Özsoy, Gonca Kopuz, Hayal İncedoğan, Jennifer İpekel, Neriman Polat, Nilbar Güreş, Şerife Bilgili Ercantürk, Şükran Moral