CI’20 Plugin

Plugin Istanbul section focuses on new media and digital arts. It creates a platform which fosters interaction with one another to update and transform the current status of contemporary art by creative interventions and to add-on to the conventional format of an international art fair.

The Plugin 2019 theme RW. [material] revealed a discovery that addresses an intuitive aesthetic creation of experience with technology, and that aims to leave a mark on the human mind beyond the retinal perception.

Plugin 2020 is an exhibition that shows how the raw material discovered in 2019 is processed and that continues with the data from the first year. RW. [post-], which will bring together the audience and the processed material produced by the artists, focuses on the flow in human-machine communication, artificial reproductions, artificial intelligence, areas that intertwine and separate, areas that are not limited to the aesthetic language of the new media, areas like bio-art, and the construction of reproduction in these days that we are thinking about the future. In this whole structure, «post-» invites to explore in a fiction in which it takes today’s people, artists and researchers to the center.



Esra Özkan

Since 2011, Esra Özkan has taken an active role in different departments of galleries and museums in the art industry and participated in many domestic and international exhibitions as curator and director. In her current research and studies in the field of digital arts, she focuses on studies that bring technology, art and science together, and establishes the link between technology, science and art on the basis of philosophy.

Esra Özkan, the curator of Contemporary Istanbul Plugin 2019 addressing the theme RW.[material], will be curating Plugin 2020 RW. [post-] curation.