CI’19 Plugin

Plugin Istanbul section focuses on new media and digital arts. It creates a platform which fosters interaction with one another to update and transform the current status of contemporary art by creative interventions and to add-on to the conventional format of an international art fair.

RW. [material]

If the experience can deliver an aesthetic creation, the art will extend beyond the retinal perception thus leaving an authentic mark in the mind.

The exhibition will address all new form understandings that are created by the artist in the laboratory and launched with the objective to offer unique experiences on their own, the bodily interaction of the audience, the influence that it receives from new conscience forms experienced, the source of RW. [material] and how it is perceived, how it communicates with the surroundings throughout Plugin. It also discusses the marks to be left in the minds switching to the instinctive dimension of the experience instead of a raw material becoming a subject at a space, becoming an object in time or how these facts translocate depending on the reaction from the audience and the impact solely on the retina during this flow.


Esra Özkan

Esra Özkan is the director and curator of bang. Art Innovation Prix by ArtBizTech. She played an active role in different units of the art galleries and museums and has taken part in many local and foreign exhibitions both as a curator and director since 2011. Currently, she is focused on the studies that draw technology, art and science together for her researches and works in the digital art field, while forging a bond between technology, science and art on philosophical grounds.