CI’18 Plugin

With the ever increasing speed of change and the number of images we are subjected to every day, it has become harder than ever for the artists to catch up with the times and capture the imagination of the masses. New media claims to do just that. And while doing so it transforms the art audience and the art institutions themselves.

As new media continues its experimentation with novel ways of doing art, Plugin will continue experimenting with better ways to present new media.


Focusing on the potential of technology and new media to make the ordinary, unusual, surprising and impressive, the exhibition seeks to offer a wide range of new media choices. Technology has become a part of our lives that we could never predict before, and although it is almost ordinary in this sense, it still manages to stay magical. The new media, which is the nearest area of art with technology, also escalating this magic into growing art spaces. The line between ordinary and extraordinary becomes increasingly uncertain in both life and art.

Exta/Ordinary exhibition will delve into how new media art can transform what is ordinary into extraordinary and in doing so re-enchant and enrich our daily lives through new experiences.


Ceren and Irmak Arkman have been organizing international festivals, screenings, exhibitions, live AV events, workshops and seminars in the feld of digital arts and design both in Turkey and abroad since 2005. Starting off as a non-proft organization called Kurye Video, they formed the most formidable video archive in Istanbul and organized various festivals and held the first AR exhibition of the world in 2012.

Their collaboration with Plugin, on the other hand, is nothing new: they had developed the original concept with CI back in 2013, running the section for two consecutive years. After last year’s successful collaboration in “Natura Nova” exhibition, the Plugin section will continue and grow with “Extra/Ordinary” exhibition this year.