Contemporary Istanbul will take place at the Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall Between June 1-6

Contemporary Istanbul will take place at the Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall Between June 1-6


24 May2021

The 15th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, with the main sponsorship of Akbank, will be the first such event that will launch the revival of the art scene of Istanbul, with a VIP preview on June 1-2 and open to all from June 3 to 6, 2021. Contemporary Istanbul will come together with art lovers in the Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Halls. The fair, which will feature contemporary art galleries in Turkey, will be held in line with the COVID-19 measures with all precautions taken to this effect.

Following a protracted pause, the 15th Contemporary Istanbul art fair, under the main sponsorship of Akbank, is coming together with art lovers at the Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center Rumeli Halls. Participants are contemporary art galleries from Turkey. This edition of Contemporary Istanbul, which cooperates with art institutions and institutes to ensure a sustainable art environment, includes the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF), Akbank Sanat, Baksı Museum, Borusan Contemporary, Odunpazarı Modern Art Foundation  (OMM) and Otonom Art Events.


Supporting the development of contemporary art in Turkey and including international projects in different disciplines of art, Akbank Sanat will take its place at the fair with an interesting exhibition this year, just like in every other edition.


Each gallery will invite selected artists to the fair, and bring collectors and artists together on the “Artist Day” scheduled for June 1, which will go on throughout the day with the participation of artists whose works are exhibited through solo exhibitions.

Opening its doors to a new season Contemporary Istanbul, aims at revisiting art and emphasizing its healing power by featuring digital and new media art under its program Plugin which is celebrating its 8th anniversary with the sponsorship of Siemens Home Appliances. Plugin, with a selection brought together under the theme of “Post” is curated by Esra Özkan and will feature the flow of human-machine communication, artificial intelligence, post-human narratives, digital characters, different approaches of intertwined and diverging new media and modes of production such as bio art.


Galleries Participating in the Fair


Anna Laudel, Istanbul, Dusseldorf; Art On Istanbul, Istanbul; Art Refinery, Istanbul; Artopol Art Gallery, Istanbul; Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul; C24 Gallery, New York; CEP Gallery, Istanbul; De Artium, Istanbul; Dirimart, Istanbul; Faar Art Gallery, Istanbul; Gallery 77, Istanbul; Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul; Gallery Diani, Istanbul; Gallery MCRD, Istanbul; Gallery / Miz, Istanbul; Gallery Nev Istanbul, Istanbul; Gallery Siyah Beyaz, Istanbul, Ankara; Gama Gallery, Istanbul; Öktem Aykut, İstanbul; Pi Artworks, Istanbul, London; Piramid Art, Istanbul; Sanatorium, Istanbul; Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery, Istanbul; Vision Art Platform, Istanbul; x-ist, Istanbul; Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Berlin

Artists taking part in Plugin Istanbul

Aypera, Ahmet Rüstem, Can Büyükberber, Ece Gözen, Enes Özenbaş & Ethem Cem, Güvenç Özel, Hakan Sorar, Sofia Crespo H.o, Mert Kızılay & Hakan Gündüz, Maxim Zhestkov, Mario Klin-gemann, Murat Yıldırım, Onur Sönmez, Void and Yonca Karakaş

15.Contemporary Istanbul Program

June 1-2 VIP Preview

June 3-6 General Visiting Days


* Visitors are advised to buy their tickets for their preferred days and times from before the event. In line with the measures due to COVID-19, visitors will be able to stay in the exhibition area for a time frame limited to 2 hours, and ticket sales will be made for a limited number of hours.  You can find detailed information about the 15th Contemporary Istanbul general visiting dates, visiting hours and ticket prices at:

** Entries to the fairground can be made after HES codes of visitors are checked and body temperatures are measured.

Click here to examine the precautions taken against COVID-19 at the fair, which will be held in line with the prevailing hygiene rules and social distancing.


For more information about the ticket sales of Contemporary Istanbul, sponsored by Akbank, the main sponsor of the fair throughout its 15 editions, as well as Siemens Home Appliances, Audi and Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to the most destinations in the world

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About Akbank

Akbank, has been supporting Contemporary Istanbul, which for over 15 years has contributed greatly to the development of art in our country. Akbank has been carrying out many important projects in the field of arts and culture throughout the years. Akbank has been promoting projects that add value to society and prioritizes development, change and innovation in all fields og human endeavor. With these projects, Akbank aims to preserve local and universal heritage and transfer it to future generations, for it to reach thousands of art lovers. Contemporary Istanbul, which introduces contemporary art to wider constituencies and occupies a primary position in the culture and art agenda has become, thanks to the main sponsorship of Akbank, a contemporary art event of global resonance. Akbank will continue to support Contemporary Istanbul, which is closely followed by art circles.


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