With the ever increasing speed of change and the number of images we are subjected to every day, it has become harder than ever for the artists to catch up with the times and capture the imagination of the masses. New media claims to do just that. And while doing so it transforms the art audience and the art institutions themselves. As new media continues its experimentation with novel ways of doing art, Plugin will continue experimenting with better ways to present new media.
Artists; Felix Luque, Memo Akten, Onformative, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Semiconductor, Joanie Lemercier, Lia, Field, Sougwen Chung, İdil İlkin, Aziz + Cucher, Quayola


Natura Nova

Natura Nova represents new media's questions/answers pertaining to today and tomorrow of our world.

Art has always been obsessed with representing nature in an effort to make sense of the world and the life itself. These presentations have taken various forms over the ages, developing in relation with the changing times; but the fascination with nature itself and the quest to capture it best remained the same.

The exhibition will try to present the current dialogue between our new and evolving world and the new media -the art genre that aims to capture this novelty at its best. All the artworks in the selection will provide new and unique answers from the artists to the problem of what constitutes a representation of nature.

Luque Memory Lane
Second Nature
Meandering River


Ceren and Irmak Arkman have been organizing international festivals, screenings, exhibitions, live AV events, workshops and seminars in the field of digital arts and design both in Turkey and abroad since 2005.

Starting off as a non-profit organization called Kurye Video, they formed the most formidable video archive in Istanbul and organized various festivals such as: Kurye Festival (digital arts), Space Invaders (video game art), OFFF 2012 (digital design), Grid (digital design festival which continues to run biannually in Istanbul and will expand to Europe soon), held the first AR exhibition of the world in 2012 and developed Contra, the first contemporary Turkish artist fair to take place outside of Turkey. They have created, in collaboration with the Red Bull team, The Art Around Project, a neighborhood exhibition concept, and curated it in its first year. The curator duo Ceren and Irmak have recently acted as the electronic music, new media and street art curators of Europalia Turkey. For the last two years, they have curated new media group exhibitions (Monochrome and NonSpaces) at Akbank Sanat. They continue organizing Pop- Up exhibitions focused on live drawing by street artists whenever they can. They also run a digital arts agency organizing creative events for prestigious brands.

Their collaboration with Plugin, on the other hand, is nothing new: they had developed the original concept with CI back in 2013, running the section for two consecutive years. Now they are back for a special exhibition: "Natura Nova".