ci editions 2016

CI Editions is Contemporary Istanbul’s new initiative and business to share, discuss and promote various formal and conceptual dimensions of art editions and multiples. It presents editions as an important field of art production, as well as an effective way to distribute art works to a wider audience. CI Editions goes beyond the traditional idea of printed editions and produce editions in the form of printing (etching, lithography, silk screen print, digital print etc.), artist books, photography, video, sculpture/ object, neon, sound on vinyl and other media. Providing a platform for the production, mediation and sale of art editions, CI Editions conditions itself as a publishing house, not as a gallery.

CI Editions does not reproduce original works or re-sell existing prints, as selected artists produce a series of editions exclusively for CI Editions. 


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Ahmet Duru

Ahmet Polat

Ardan Özmenoğlu

Buğra Erol

Erdoğan Zümrütoğlu

Fırat Engin

Gözde Türkkan

Hale Tenger


Orhan Cem Çetin

Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt

Seçkin Pirim

Selçuk Ceylan

Sıtkı Kösemen